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Kryolan Bag Sale

Feb 08, 2020

February is the now established Bag Sale month. In 2020, make-up artists and make-up lovers can go bargain hunting again.

On the respective day, get a bag for a fixed price and fill it with your favorite products in a given amount of time. Look forward to everything from face, body to lip and eye products in various colors and so much more. Attention: Each participating country has a locally adapted Bag Sale mechanism.

Don’t forget to share your Bag Sale treasure #KRYOLANBAGSALE 

Time: 12.00 PM - 16.00 PM
Time to shop: 10 min
Max. bags that can be purchased per customer: 2
Max. entries per customer per day: 2
Sizes of bags: small Kryolan paper bag

Datos de contacto
Kryolan City Sofia,
57 Solunska Str.
1000 Sofia
Phone: +359 884 440488

50,00 €