Going Bold

Paso 1Wrap the hair as flat as possible to the head using Hair Gel, use GF-Qat for thick or long hair. Apply Translucent Powder 20 g to set the GF-Qat which also speeds up the drying process.
Paso 2Fit the bald cap, asking the model to grip the front, while you pull over the back of the head. Ensure it is positioned well and no wrinkles are visible.
Paso 3Cut around the ears in a curve, (never straight lines to avoid tearing) allowing a margin from the hairline. Pro Tip: Instead of cutting, apply the bald cap around the ears and carefully dissolve a hole using Acetona 1000 ml into the bald cap and pull the ear through. Be cautious.
Paso 4Carefully fold the bald cap back at the forehead and apply Mastix 12 ml to the skin, wait until it’s tacky before adhering. Pro Tip: for increased flexibility use Adhesivo - Silicone Adhesive Regular 30 ml to adhere Calva de Glatzan incolora L and acrylic-based adhesive, Pros-Aide - El original - 15 ml, for Calva de látex teñida L.
Paso 5The back of the neck can be a problem area so ensure the model’s head is leant backwards looking up toward the ceiling to enable the bald cap to be taught avoiding unneccessary wrinkles. Pull the bald cap tightly towards the back and glue using Mastix 12 ml.
Paso 6Finally adhere the bald caps to the temples using the same process as with the forehead. When gluing around the ears, use a round ended tool that won’t tear the bald cap. Lift up the bald cap to apply Mastix 12 ml.
Paso 7To conceal the edges of the bald cap use Látex líquido claro 100 ml to blend the Calva de látex teñida L and for a Calva de Glatzan incolora L one blend using Acetona 1000 ml to dissolve the edges using a cotton bud. To create a realistic impression of skin, stipple Pros-Aide - El original - 15 ml over the Bald Cap.
Paso 8Next color the Calva de látex teñida L, creating the impression of skin using a Esponja de goma de poros gruesos and Rubber Mask Grease 8 ml. For Calva de Glatzan incolora L mix Aquacolor 8 ml or Dermacolor Camouflage Creme 4 g with alcohol or use Body Illustration Make-up Color Recambio.
Paso 9Finally complete the look using TV Paint Stick or Aquacolor 8 ml for a Calva de Glatzan incolora L or Cake Make-up for a Calva de látex teñida L, matching the bald head to the face and your bald cap application is complete.

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